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This is my story both humble and true; take it to pieces and mend it with glue.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

Ali Mae Jenkins

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The Girl in the Mirror.

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User Number: 2133421
Date Created: 02.06.04
Number of Posts:
More than she can count

Ali Mae is a chameleon. She is also known as Miss Aleeh, Sandy, Alikins, Nurse Flinn, Fred, Mae Peterson, Peanut, Pest, Susan, Veronica, Blargh, Girl, Joey?, Ollie, Booger, Sweet Pea, and Batman.
Strengths: Superhuman thirst for knowledge, abundance of sarcasm, causing a scene, embarrassing herself and others, a champion eater, climbs through windows like a pro.
Weaknesses: Always hungry, short attention span, awkward in most (if not all) social situations, tends to sleep the day away, always in need of a hug.
Special Skills: Can always define how she feels through songs or quotes, is full of film and Broadway trivia, can complete any and all 'Friends' punchlines, can detect a pea under twenty mattresses.
Weapons: Explosive gum, standard-issue lasso, Li'l Bastard's Brainwashing kit, $10 on $2 Corona night.
Motto: IT GON' RAIN.

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I adopted a cute li'l Batman fetus, because if I can't defeat the Penguin alone, the only solution is for me to procreate! Hooray fetus!

If I punch you, it's because Tupac's ghost told me to.